Food Safety Courses

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Cookery Cottage 2018 Heathly Cooking Classes
by FOOD REMEDY = Tara Dorgan & Fanny Binder
Classes run every Tuesday night for 7pm-9pm at the Cookery Cottage €25.00 per class. the classes run very 6 weeks. Please  choose the class you would like to attend and date,  all classes have to be paid for in advance.
Can be paid by Credit Card at 021 436 5083 or
on line through the web page shop under "Drop in class" under

Heathly Eating 101 Basic :  March 6th or May 1st 2018

Vegan Cooking: April 10th or June 12th 2018

Dairy -Free Cooking:  April 3rd or June 5th 2018

Gluten -Free Cooking: March 20th or May 15th 2018

Sugar-Free Cooking: February 20th, April 17th or June 19th 2018

Heathly Lunches for the whole family: March 13th or May 8th 2018


Get  Present, voucher can be used for any classes.