School Programs 2020

Secondary Schools 2020  TY Programs

We do offer cooking classes one day or four week programs

(10 min-? max)

The one day would be a 2 hour class, it could be and cost €12.00 per student or all class 4 weeks is €40.00 for the program per student. up to 50 students

Let us know what times suits 9-11am, 10-12 noon or 11am-1pm,

  • Pizza, dough balls, Oreo cupcakes with butter icing
  • Chinese stir fry with Rocky road
  • Mexican Chicken Burrito with Cajun potatoes & chocolate cake
  • Doner Kebabs with chocolate chip cookies

Every thing is made from scratch

We can offer 1/2 day programs also

We can cater for a whole year over  a few days, about 

Primary Schools 2020

School Tours up to 10-? kids with 2 floors (block two floors when booking large groups)


Fresh Homemade Pizza, dough balls, 3 cupcakes, icing, ice-cream cupcakes, lots of sweets., aprons, lunch drinks.


Hands on class, let us know if there is any dietary needs


No cost for Teachers, relax and we will take over.

€8.00 per child


Area for a bus, plenty of parking outside,


The 2016 & 207 bus is 1 minute walk for the Cookery Cottage