Team Building




We having been doing the Zoom Cooking Class over the past few months and have been going brilliant. The customers love it.


Now how we do this class is a few steps

  • We need to do a trial run with you to make sure we are up and going , we use the Zoom we would need to make sure everybody is signed and its free.
  • One week before we will sent over recipe,  ingredients and equipment needed for the class, so they have time to get it all organized you staff. Aldis, Lidls,  has most of the stuff. Cheap and cheerful
  • On the day we will ask for everyone to put their audio and camera’s on. You will have some shy guests. Once everyone is booked in, we can  get the class started.
  • Now the class is demo and take part, your staff can choose what  are comfortable to do with the recipes. It’s all fun and a good laugh, at the end of the class we will ask for your staff to show off what they have made. If you want we could judge and pick a winner
  • Before the class there could be some stuff that need to be done, like maybe chop onion. peel the garlic just the class is smoother. 
  • I would recommend the Mexican on the 1st night, its fresh and tasty recipes.
  • The class is 1-1 ¼ hours depends how many guests you have,
  • 10-20 guest €200. 00 or 20-45 guest €250.00,  
  • Mexican: Guacamole, Salsa Criolla, Pico de Gallo, Mexican rice with beans, Beef Quesadillas, Chicken Tacos
  • Indian: Kerala Curry powder, plain boiled rice, spiced lentils with chickpeas and potatoes.
  • Italian: Basil pesto, Fettucine with sundried tomatoes, basil pesto and black olives, carbonnara sauce, arrabiatta sauce and fresh lasagne
  • Fusion: Meat Sung in baby gem cups, Sate Marinade Chicken, Peanut sauce, Singapore Noodles,
  • Keto: Moroccan Chicken stew, Hungarian goulash, Thai meatball casserole, Cauliflower rice.
  • Baking; Oreo cupcakes, butter icing, rocky road and Oreo bars
  • We have lots more ideas

Alot of Adults are  working from home at  moment due to Covid 19

Why not up skill yourself with our Cooking Class while working form home, 


Please call 021 436 5083 for any bookings..






Note once a deposit has being paid its non-refundable.....Plus a 7 day cancle policy

Vouchers can only be used for clases and not for teambuilding or group events