About The Cookery Cottage

The Cookery Cottage is for kids and adults. At the cookery cottage we offer healthy foods, local produce, meat and fish. We try to stay as local as we can with our food and products. We teach kids the basics on food, how to chop, cook and bake. They just love it. We offer different recipes for different age groups. We do new recipes for each season depending on the produce available.

We offer kid’s birthday parties, kid’s weekly cooking classes and teenager’s weekly cooking classes. In the near future we will be offering teenagers & parent classes, toddler & mommy classes and we also hope to have some schools join us for morning classes.

What’s Happening



We having been hosting Zoom Cooking Class over the past few months and it has been going brilliant. The customers love it as it vey convenient and offers the same benefits that our in house classes provide and we would strongly urge anyone who is bored in lockdown and wants to improve or learn cooking skills to participate in the online classes.


Now how we do this class is a few steps

  • We need to do a trial run with you to make sure we are up and going , we use the Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/meetings we would need to make sure everybody is signed and its free.
  • One week before we will sent over recipe,  ingredients and equipment needed for the class, so they have time to get it all organized you staff. Aldis, Lidls,  has most of the stuff. Cheap and cheerful
  • On the day we will ask for everyone to put their audio and camera’s on. You will have some shy guests. Once everyone is booked in, we can  get the class started.
  • Now the class is demo and take part, your staff can choose what  are comfortable to do with the recipes. It’s all fun and a good laugh, at the end of the class we will ask for your staff to show off what they have made. If you want we could judge and pick a winner
  • Before the class there could be some stuff that need to be done, like maybe chop onion. peel the garlic just the class is smoother. 
  • I would recommend the Mexican on the 1st night, its fresh and tasty recipes.
  • The class is 1-1 ¼ hours depends how many guests you have,
  • 10-25 guest €250. 00 or 25-50 guest €300.00,  
  • Mexican: Guacamole, Salsa Criolla, Pico de Gallo, Mexican rice with beans, Beef Quesadillas, Chicken Tacos
  • Indian: Kerala Curry powder, plain boiled rice, spiced lentils with chickpeas and potatoes.
  • Italian: Basil pesto, Fettucine with sundried tomatoes, basil pesto and black olives, carbonnara sauce, arrabiatta sauce and fresh lasagne
  • Fusion: Meat Sung in baby gem cups, Sate Marinade Chicken, Peanut sauce, Singapore Noodles,
  • Keto: Moroccan Chicken stew, Hungarian goulash, Thai meatball casserole, Cauliflower rice.
  • Baking; Oreo cupcakes, butter icing, rocky road and Oreo bars
  • We have lots more ideas

Alot of Adults are  working from home at  moment due to Covid 19

Why not up skill yourself with our Cooking Class while working form home, 


Cooking  Parties Classes

We are happy to announce that, we will be taking cooking party classes bookings to be held at June 7th and on, we are expected to go ahead as scheduled and in relation to the latest available information provided from the relevant authorities

There are many new features and some new rules in relation to social distancing which we must uphold but we plan to have the most enjoyable parties due to the kid's being on lockdown for such a long period, please go to the birthday party section of this page where all information regarding cooking  partie classes details are listed.


Please call 021 436 5083 for any bookings..


School Programs April 2021/2022

Secondary Schools 2021 / 2022 TY Programs,

all students will get a certification once the course is finshed , to complete the Ty Year  progam  and is mandatory in most schools

This course is a life and also if they go off to collage, they have the tools to get part-time jobs in the local resturants and cafes through out Cork, we will give a cerifications to go with their  CV, as a lot of my past TY students are working thanks to the Cookery Cottage course and we are very proud

On the course we go over quite a few resturant and cafes guide lines and rules that need to be followed

Plus go over healthy eating while leaving away from  the home for the 1st time and cost affected. keeping a budget for foods while in collage..

Let us know what times suits 9-11am, 10-12 noon or 11am-1pm,The one day would be a 2 hour class, it could be and cost €12.00 per student or all class 4 weeks is €40.00 for the program per student. up to 30 students, we are on the ETB payment system, so we can invoice the school and be paid by ETB once approved 



Summer  Cooking Course 2021

Pre-Teens (9-13 years)10:30-1pm pr 2::30pm-5pm: €99.00 for 5 days, full week only 

Junior Camp (5-8years) 10:30am-1pm or 2:30pm-5pm : €99.00 for 5 days, full week only

Teenager (13-16 years) 2:30pm-5pm: €99.00 for 5 days, full week only

3 course to suit all different age groups

Junior cooking course 5-8 years:

  Pre-Teen cooking course ages 9-13years:

Teenager cooking course ages 13-16 years

Recipes, aprons. lunch, drinks & treats included in the price

€30.00 deposit required to hold a spauce on any camp, can be paid on line 

Please call to see if we have spaoce before paying the deposit 

Covid 19 form will be filed out on the morning  of the course, balance paid 1 week prior to camp start date..

If form is not filled out child cant not attend camp under HSE guidelines,

plus no refunds as courses have low numbers and cost to re-open are huge...

Please book in all kids by land line 021 436 5083

Please let us know if there is any dietary need,


DATES FOR SUMMER Cooking classes 2021 for all




Week 3; July 12th- 16th 2021 = Junior ( 5 spaces open)& pre-teens, morning 10:30am-1pm (booked out) 

Week 3 July 12th -16th 2021= Pre-teens, afternoon 2:30-5pm ( 1 class) ( 6 spaces open)


Week 4: July 19th- July 23rd 2021= Junior & pre-teens, morning 10:30am-1pm (2 classes) (pre-teen  and Junior classes  5 spaces open)

Week 4: July 19th-July 23rd 2021= Pre-teens &  junior  afternoon 2:30pm-5pm (2 camps) ( both camps have spaces)


Week 5: July 26th- July  30th 2021, Junior & pre-teens, morning 10:30am-1pm (2 classes) (pre-teens & junior classes (5 spaces open)

Week 5: July 26th -July  30th 2021, Junior & pr-teens, afternnon 10:30am-1pm (2 class) ( spaces in book classes)


Week 6: Aug 3rd-Aug 6th 2021 ( 4 days only €79.00) Junior & pre-teens, morning 10:30am-1pm (2 classes) ( spaces open in both classes)

Week 6: Aug 3rd-Aug 6th 2021 ( 4 days only €79.00) Pre-teens &Teenager , afternoon 2:30pm-5pm (1 clases (spaces open in both camps)


Week 7: Aug 9th- Aug 13th 2021 Junior & pre-teens, morning 10:30am-1pm (2 classes) (spaces open in both classes)

Wwek 7: August 9th-13th 2021 Junior & pre-teens, afternoon 2:30pm-5pm (2 classes) (spaces open in both camps)



Week 8: Aug 16th- Aug 21th 2021 Junior & pre-teens, morning 10:30am-1pm (2 classes) (spaces open in both classes)








Keto (Ketogenic Diet) Cooking Class

To be updates asap: 7pm-8:30pm, one night only €29.00, basic introductory class to the keto diet

To be updates asap,7pm-8:30pm 4 weeks €125.00 , advance class, covering breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

Here at the Cookery Cottage, we will be opening a Keto Cooking Class.

 The chef   cooking instructor has worked at Cookery Cottage for over 8 years. He has been on the Keto diet over one year and have lost over eight stone. His  goal is to teach people how to live and eat healthy on the Keto diet.

It involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat. This reduction in carbs puts your body into metabolic state called Ketosis. When this happens, your body becomes incredibly efficient at burning fat for energy. It also turns fat into ketones in the liver, which supply energy for the brain. Keto diet can cause massive reduction in blood sugar and insulin levels. This, along with the increased ketones, has numerous health benefits

We cover quite a few recipes, all ingredients and recipes are included in the class. 

The benefits are weight loss, clear skin, improves hearth health, brain function, potentially reduces seizers and a lot more.

One night class Mexican eveningt

To be updates asap , 2021, 7pm-8:30pm

Fresh Salsa, Pico do gallo, guacmole, mexicn rice, Beef Taco and Chicken Quesadillas

ONE night class Fusion COOKING,

To be updates asap, 7pm-8:30 pm €25.00 per night  per person

Red Thai Chicken Curry, Sweet & Sour Chicken with Paki Choi.

Plus you get to eat what you make afterwards.



Adult BEGINNERS  Cooking :4-week course €99.00

Tuesday a new course starts each month, 7-8:30 pm

To be updates asap 2021

 Over the 4 weeks, you get to  do  Soups, Bread, Fish, Dinners & Dessert

So by the end of the  four weeks, Four Perfect different dinners from start to finish...

all-new recipes this year.




New course starts every 4 weeks on Tuesday 

To be up dated asap, 2021

4-week course: 7 pm-8:30 pm €99.00

Very popular class. HURRY TO BOOK YOUR PLACE!

Hands-on Baking Classes: Deposit required to hold the place.   All Ingredients & Recipes provided                                          

Week 1:Fresh Scones &  Blueberry Muffins

Week 2; Red Velvet Cupcakes & Chocolate Cake

Week 3: Lemon Drizzle & Oreo Muffins

Week 4;  Chocolate Chip Cookies & Sugar Cookies

& Demo Rocky Road

Each student makes a total of 8 recipes,

Please bring boxes to bring cakes home to enjoy with friends & family


In terms of Covid-19 precautions, please see below:

•    All our staff will be wearing aprons and will wear visors when greeting customers and taking their temperatures. As they will be observing social distancing after this point, staff are not obliged to wear visors but may do so if they wish.
•    Our staff will clarify that they are feeling well and not experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 at the start of their shift
•    Our staff will have their temperatures taken at the start of their shift
•    Our staff have all been trained in our new protocols regarding Covid-19
•    Students will be working individually and will each be given their own set of equipment to work with daily.
•    Students will wear disposable aprons
•    Students will be asked to sanitise their hands upon entering the building
•    Students will be asked to wash and sanitise their hands regularly throughout the day
•    Students will be assigned seats and will be asked to remain in their seats throughout the class. If students are invited to work at the hob, social distancing will be observed and there are points marked around the counters for this.
•    Staff will take the temperature of each student on arrival. If you have a fever or any symptoms of COVID-19 we will not be able to permit you to enter the premises.
•    You will be asked to answer a few short questions regarding COVID-19 prior to arrival or upon arrival (depending on the class/camp)
Your contact details will be retained for 2 weeks after the class incase the need for contact tracing arises.

•    Please queue outside the premises while maintaining social distancing
•    Our premises is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised throughout the day and after each class.
•    To minimise time inside and to allow our staff to prepare the premises for each group, please do not arrive until the beginning of the class. We will not be able to permit you before this time.
•    The toilets will only be for the use of our students ,parents, siblings etc will be permitted to use the toilets.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me or give me a call on 021-4365083