Birthday Parties

Here at the Cookery Cottage we want to have a fun birthday party. The kids arrive we go over a few basic heath rules and from them on its all fun. Parties are held on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Birthday Parties Cooking Class (teaching the kids all ways of cooking)

Option 1: Kids aged 4 - 13 years

This is a fun class teaching the kids how to make the basic Pizzas, Cupcakes, Dough balls & Teaching them how to work with different Icing..

Homemade pizza from scratch, homemade pizza sauce, dough balls,cupcakes with lots of icings (we will teach how to make roses with icing fun fun..) and lots of toppings, birthday cake (birthday boy/girl chooses topping: butter icing, all different favours) .

Plus: fresh drinks. Includes invites & party bags (fresh cupcakes)

Minimum 10 - Maximum 30 kids. 2 hours, €15.00 per child; 20 or more €13.00 per child

Option 2: Kids aged 4-13 years

This is a baking class, teaching the kids how to make different tarts & different scones.

- Afternoon Tea Party: Fresh Chocolate Scones,  sausage rolls, jams & creams, all different tarts, apple, lemon curd, jams, top with different sponges & crumble...Yum!  Then of course fresh Victora Sponge & De-Cafe Teas....yummy !!!

Birthday Cake, Fresh drinks and invites included.

Minimum 10 - Maximum 30 kids. 2 hours, €15.00 per child: €13.00 for 20 kids are more